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By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

A murderer who kills his parents and then pleads for mercy because he is an orphan is a joke that has been told to us for generations. Much of what is going on in my community is the same. The failure to build up a human infrastructure is the fault of the entire community directed by the elected officials and now we have people who seem to be offering solutions working hand in hand with the elected officials. Read on and learn where things have gone wrong and where things will be going wrong today, tomorrow, and every day throughout the year.

Education is a civil right and huge dropout rates where I live have kept the community down. Rick Montano is not around to take the heat, but Phil Ramos and Monica Martinez think they know the community. Have you heard Monica Martinez talk about new high school equivalency initiatives for the youth that have dropped out of the Brentwood School District, where she used to teach? The disaster created by her predecessors will continue unless she changes. Common sense is needed. We must help everyone earn a diploma in our communities.


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By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

This weekend was spent in Newport, Rhode Island seeing mansions of the rich. Can you imagine it? A beautiful mansion built with $2.2 million finally decayed and was auctioned off for $20,000. That same mansion today would cost about $35 million to build. I observed another thing. A young man was walking a line with a policeman behind him and others surrounding him. I am reading The New Jim Crow and that police action made me think of the book. This morning I awoke thinking about Assemblyman Phil Ramos and his comments made at Somos El Futuro and as I sat down at my computer there was wonderful news from Lindsay Page, a professor who did a White House Webinar and I think that Benjamin Castleman was one of the other participants. I know that Brentwood, Central Islip, and other school districts should read more about education and not just talk about it. Opinions are cheap. Talking to the choir is usually just talking to the wall. Summer Melt and then Fall and Winter Disasters have helped make Brentwood and Central Islip what it is, but there is more to say, but not right now. I will get back to Phil Ramos and his role in this shortly. Here is what the book reveals about Summer Melt. Hempstead is another community that needs great change. Communities create these melts and disasters and they are communities of powerful people just doing the wrong things.

Under increasing pressure to raise graduation rates and ensure that students leave high school college- and career-ready, many school and district leaders may believe that, when students graduate with college acceptances in hand, their work is done. But as Benjamin L. Castleman and Lindsay C. Page show, summer can be a time of significant attrition among college-intending seniors—especially those from low-income families. Anywhere from 10 to 40 percent of students presumed to be headed to college fail to matriculate at any postsecondary institution in the fall following high school.

Summer Melt explores the complex factors that contribute to this trend—the absence of school support, confusion over paperwork, lack of parental guidance, and the teenage tendency to procrastinate. The authors draw on findings from fields such as neuroscience, behavioral economics, and social psychology to contextualize these factors. Drawing on a series of research studies, they show how schools and districts can develop effective, low-cost, scalable responses—including counselor outreach, peer mentoring, and using text messages and social media—to help students stay on track over the summer.

Summer Melt offers very practical guidance for schools and districts committed to helping their students make the transition to college.

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By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

You may recall the movie Twelve Angry Men which is a classic about justice. One man caused the jurors to change the minds of eleven men about a Latino and that Latino was found innocent. Today at Somos, Five People Spoke Out after I spoke out.

I had the opportunity to speak at Somos El Futuro, but my two minutes were up as I attempted to finish a sentence. That was okay, because I want to hear what others have to say and that is just what happened. Five people got up and made the discussion exciting as they brought up experiences from various communities based on decades of work. They talked about children being affected by mental health issues, about children being affected by domestic violence, about children on Long Island who were accompanied across the border and who are not doing their school work even over a month after school has begun. The discussion was not real until I spoke out and then I really woke up.

There was a seasoned veteran from New York City who spoke about parent involvement. Parent involvement was barely mentioned by the panelists. Even after the conference, there was a woman from EOC who was talking about parent involvement who works closely with Willie Vice who helps manage all of the ATTAIN Labs of New York and who is one of my biggest supporters. I opened up the discussion on the floor about parent involvement and here is what I was telling everyone.

There were a few solutions offered by the panelists, but not enough solutions. Even some of them showed their true potential after they were called upon to answer what the audience was saying. What took place to me seemed almost like a rebellion or a minor revolution. The Hispanic Federation should know about this. The panelists did not even give their very best until those five people spoke out.


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By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

We have to thank the media for presenting very important information that few teachers, administrators, and elected officials will share with communities. Here is what was really important. African-Americans and Hispanics lag way behind others on the SAT exam results. There has been no increase since last year in the numbers of test takers among African-Americans and Hispanics and considering that New York City under Mayor Michael Bloomberg-Joel Klein-Cathy Black-Dennis Walcott built “world class” schools, those results are hard to explain to me.
Students also scored thirty points below last year (comparing 2014 with 2013). This figure means combined. So this year the test takers scored 1468 and last year the test takers scored 1498. Maybe we should bring back everyone that I mentioned, put them on a panel together, and let’s discuss this openly and intelligently.

In reading the New York Post article by Aaron Short, I immediately asked myself what percentages of the passers were students who have benefitted from charter schools only and what percentage of passers were from neighborhood-public schools. Also what percentage of each group actually took the SAT. This information should help any school in crisis determine where it is going.

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By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

We shall overcome! Stop and Frisk! Freedom now! Hands in the air! Never again! Sí, se puede!

It is greatly appreciated that Senator Ted Cruz supports Israel and wants Christians to do the same. He has good arguments, but things fell apart at a recent conference where he walked off the stage. I fear that his work has failed and it may have negative repercussions for all Jews. I have been in touch with both Democratic and Republican Jewish organizations and I have been in touch with people trying to take the current debate to a truth that tens of millions of people or more have to hear. Our mission is to remember the struggles of Jewish people leading up to the Holocaust. Senator Cruz emphasizes that Israel is our strong ally, but it did not work in front of many in that audience and I know that is not enough to share. It is not enough. This is one of the key educational points that must be addressed among Jews and people who oppose us. I do not hear many of those conservatives who are not liked, for example, by immigrants providing other ideas that may convince people. Immigrants have huge support in the United States, but the huge lack of support reminds me of polls that were taken in the 1940’s, polls that were clearly anti-Jewish, even before World War II ended. I would like Senator Cruz to say that he understands the struggle of all people to survive, but he does not really understand that. We Jews were sometimes illegal during that decade of the Holocaust and uniting with family members was not one of the options for my grandmother, a Jew born in Austria-Hungary whose family was wiped out by the Nazis. If Senator Cruz, could say that he supports the rights of families to be together, and he cannot, he would aid the struggle of Jews in the United States. I can just imagine people from El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and other countries saying to themselves that I do not like Senator Cruz and his ideas and therefore I do not want to help the struggle of Israel or the Jewish people. We are in trouble when he opens his mouth, but we count on his vote in the Senate.


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Missouri and Social Justice.

GED scores have been grandfathered in New York for two years. The TASC is now offered there.
GED scores should be grandfathered in Missouri for two years. The HI-SET is now offered there.

HI-SET testing has to reach the most at-risk communities and fast. If Ferguson is a community in great need, this effort can begin there. Thinking out of the box will give opportunities to many people there as police reform takes place. Among other things, a one to two week HI-SET program is needed in addition to more lengthy HI-SET preparation programs. Other regulations may have to fall as progress Is made.

Missouri over the last 19 years. Missouri 1995 8,611 2000 10,411 Missouri 2001 12,431 during the rush to take the easier GED before 2002 2002 6,216 which was a huge drop 2005 8,784
2010 9,454 2012 9,222 2013 still not available but we can ask the GED Testing Service
2012 17 Hispanics took the Spanish GED in the entire state of Missouri
These are not impressive figures considering that economic progress is often achieved through earning a GED and going on to college or the workforce.

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By Profesor Martin Danenberg "El Quijote del GED"

There were 176 charter schools rated by U.S. News and World Report. These were high schools. There was one school in the top 100 from Newark and one school from New York that made number 140. North Star Charter tested 79 percent of its students on the Advanced Placement and 50 percent passed. This sound a lot like GED statistics in New York, which has the worst passing rate in the nation on G.E.D. (except for Puerto Rico). Here is how Green Dot NY Charter performed. Green Dot tested 34 percent of its students and 27 percent passed. Do I have to say anymore? Okay there is one more thing. College readiness goes from 100 percent all the way down to 19.2 percent and that final entry is consistent with schools across the country, but college readiness can be even much lower than 19.2 percent for minority students entering college across our nation.

These are 5 of the top high schools in the nation in the top 20 schools and they are charter schools:
The top five charter schools and their position in the national ranking are BASIS Tucson, Arizona, 2; Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology, Lawrenceville, Georgia, 3; BASIS Scottsdale, Arizona, 5; Pacific Collegiate School, Santa Cruz, California, 11; International Studies Charter High School, Miami, Florida, 15.

We really have to ask ourselves in our communities why those top schools are doing so well and why so many schools are not doing so well. We hear so many people talking and writing about how much better charter schools are than neighborhood schools, but here U.S. News and World Report is giving us factual information that tells us that lots of charter schools are not performing well. I have written before and I will write again that we have to judge charter schools in a new way and I found out how. We shall see how long it takes Americans to wake up.

Even Sean Hannity was talking about how poorly our nation’s school are doing, but I am reasonably sure that he is misrepresenting the truth. And we can pass the blame on conservatives and liberals who really are too conservative make a difference. We know that every few years there is an improvement in our schools. The Board of Education was making progress before Michael Bloomberg declared the new Department of Education and its policies a great solution. He was not really telling the people the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but I am sure that things improved.

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By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

LIMAC is the Long Island Minority Aids Coalition and I thank Jose Rios for inviting me to the event that took place in Jones Bones Theater (now Nikon Theater) in Nassau County. As I left my home for the event, I was still not sure what kind of event it was, but I knew that I was going to promote the Convoy of Hope which is talking about doing 30 community events next year. I found out as soon as I got there. Soon after arriving, I learned that Donnie Mc Clurkin was involved and he soon showed up. I wanted to tell him how I did some work with Herman Mendoza years ago, but since he could not speak due to surgery I was unable to talk to him as his staff limited his contact to people. I think it was an unfortunate moment, but life goes on. I was at Jones Beach, but my mind was on Staten Island and Ferguson, Missouri. The event was fine and the people attending the event were really nice to me. Meeting those people reminded me of the work that Herman Mendoza started back in those days. He called it “One Voice” and it included Wyclef Jean. Not everything was perfect at the event, but there was a feeling of “One Voice” at this event as I circulated talking to people.

I found people from Mt. Vernon and Paterson, New Jersey that discussed education with me. We can begin where we want. Governor Chris Christie was mentioned for destroying the schools there. This was caused by lack of funding and more. The charter schools were mentioned and a teacher from the South Bronx wants to invite me to her school and then into Mt. Vernon. The woman from Paterson used to live on the Lower East Side. She mentioned P.S. 97 where my brother attended for a brief time. She knows that the school district was one of the worst in the city back in those days. I lived and worked there. I told the teachers about going from the “Rubber Room” to helping the world. This was my kind of experience. I met people from international organizations there and we can all connect to help people anywhere in the world. My door is open to Donnie Mc Clurkin.

I spoke with the mother of a N.B.A. player this week and told her that athletic clinics should do much more for the children. We should encourage the children to learn foreign languages. Donnie Mc Clurkin and his church could do the same thing now. They have a G.E.D. class in the church and that will benefit adults who need jobs and access to college and more. We need to do more and the Cry For Help is about this effort to help. The N.B.A. and Donnie Mc Clurkin have to do much more because there are great solutions available to people. We have to put everyone right on the target and too often we are missing the target.

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By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

Michelle Malkin wrote a powerful article in the New York Post dedicated to the police who have died in the line of duty. In the aftermath of the horrible events on American soil in Ferguson, Missouri, what really is needed are solutions to the problem. As a Jew who knows some history, I think of a rabbi being beaten by the police in New York in the early twentieth century. I also think about what the French perpetrated on Captain Alfred Dreyfus. Our nation is divided just as France was divided and the Malkin article not only shows the division, but also is an attempt to maintain the division. Malkin’s article is far from balanced as she recognizes that mistakes are made. The mistake she made, again, is not providing solutions…solutions…solutions. This is really typical of the New York Post as it continues to divide New Yorkers. We have to do more to remove incidents that have inflamed nations. Captain Alfred Dreyfus, Rodney King, Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown are names never to forget. I certainly do not want my name to surface for a similar reason. The Dreyfus case eventually led to the Holocaust in Europe. Yes there is a continuity of events that all Jews should think of when we read about the kind of violence that we are seeing in Ferguson. Yes we should try harder to understand the important role that Reverend Al Sharpton is trying to play right now and not just look at his unfortunate past. We should do what we can do to calm down the protestors and those people in Ferguson that are or who will be misguided, because we really can do things that can make America better. Yes every life counts and innocent police should never ever be victimized as well.


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El Progeso de la Republica Dominicana Es Lento

Por Profesor Martin Danenberg "El Quijote del GED"

Un libro fantástico sobre el sexo escrito en una manera provocativa puede atraer mucha atención y un libro por una mujer famosa como Hillary Clinton puede ser igual. Dentro de un mes y pico hay cerca de un millón copias en circulación gracias a las compras. El libro Amazing Race for Kids es un libro en 5 idiomas que ayuda rápidamente a los niños y ellos pueden acelerar en uno o más de los idiomas dentro de días. Y el estudio de un Segundo idioma es una parte integral de la educación de los niños de los ricos. Todavía pocos niños dominicanos tienen esta oportunidad. Explicando esto en palabras diferentes, Danilo no puede proveer todo esto a un país y su pueblo. Pero los dominicanos pueden hacer mucho más por su familia. Puede ser una realidad. Es igual en El Salvador y todos los países del mundo. La Casa Blanca de Barack Obama no puede hacer lo que yo he mencionado. Faltan la visión los gobiernos y la gente encargarda no tiene ninguna idea cómo transformar los niños. Podemos botar de poder a ellos pero la competición no tiene el conocimiento tampoco. Los haitianos en la Quisqueya que aprenden español saben más que sus líderes. Y muchos de ellos hablan inglés también. Estos haitianos son prisioneros solamente de su pobreza pero tienen mucha más potencial de la dominicana típica. Un grupo de niños americanos en la Casa Blanca o un grupo en el Palacio Nacional en el distrito nacional en Santo Domingo que no aprende un segundo idioma está mal guiado por sus padres y sus líderes. Hay poder en aprender dice el programa de Pedro Martinez en Manoguayabo. O e palante que vamos por portugués, inglés, francés o italiano. Coma una pizza y aprenda italiano. Estudie portugués al comer bacalhau (bacalao). Prepare un pan francesa para sus niños con leche y con huevos al leer palabras similares como constitution, dimension y liberté en un libro. Y finalmente compre Ojalá Que Llueva Inglés (en El Campo o en la Ciudad…donde quiera) al pensar de la oportunidad de comer en un fast food americano (Mc Donald, Burger King, Wendys). Watsup con dominicanos? Se necesita más estudios para obtener trabajos mejores y vivir mejor e evitar la demencia o Alzheimer en la vida. Muchos de los jóvenes de la Universidad no lo entienden también. Ellos están contentos de hablar mucho con sus amigos sin entender esta moviliación importante.

En mi país hay un americano dan cohen, un hombre con una visión enorme de ayduar toda la familia. Hay ancianos que viven más o menos como vegetales. La música despierta a ellos y su programa ahora es viral, afectando miles y miles de ancianos en muchos estados. El progreso de su movimiento es el resultado de los jóvenes que compran un i-pod para sus abuelos. Se puede aprender mucho más de los esfuerzos de Dan Cohen en el sitio web Estamos hablando de renovar vidas por música e idiomas en todos. Hay un video excelente que muestra un americano con 92 años y la animación de él al escuchar la música. Vamos a entrar en una relalidad diferente hoy juntos. Ahora hay más de 10,,000 donaciones de i-pod ayudando muchos ancianos. Hay acción ahora en vez de complacencia. Haga una promesa de tomar las acciones para mejorar su familia.

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Domestic Violence New Ideas

By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

The front page of Newsday said Unprotected Young mom killed by abusive ex-boyfriend after failure by Suffolk cops. She had called the Suffolk police again and again.

Suffolk County has mishandled a domestic violence case that has resulted in murder, the article spelled out. Police officers were named and dozens of people were interviewed in the case of Norma Santia Williams who was killed in 2011. This just happened and within the last couple of weeks I have done my best to bring about change. I contacted NALEO or the National Association of Latino Elected Officials and there are Hispanic elected officials on Long Island. I contacted a national organization against domestic violence in Washington, D.C. as well. I have to complete my efforts to promote change through the League of Sister Cities organization.

Right at this moment we know that the NYPD Housing Police has a new initiative in which police will do follow up visits to women who have been victimized by domestic violence. In Nassau County, New York, the county executive has started an animal shelter to protect victims of domestic violence while they find a safer place to live. We give thanks for these public safety initiatives, but what are the mayors and governors doing across the country. And what is the White House doing? We hope that they all cooperate to save lives and keep people away from almost certain imprisonment.

Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to hire part-time police officers who have retired. These officers, if hired or when hired, could be used to help domestic violence victims who are not living in city housing. This kind of initiative could be useful to the entire nation in saving lives. We should demand action and new initiatives from Suffolk, where the last time I called the police months ago someone told me no one wants to talk to me. Let the truth be told. I really think that we should hire more full time police and produce bigger changes that will make dangerous places safer across our nation.

Even in relation to New York City and Long Island, we should be asking how long the mayor has known about this new idea. Where did he get the idea from and when? Was this idea shared with Michael Bloomberg when he was the mayor? Basically I want to know if people in power are playing politics with the lives of people.

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By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

Michelle Malkin seems to be right again. In her latest article in the New York Post (August 9, 2014) she says that students have to learn math, writing, and reading and she points out that state education codes must be maintained. She feels that social justice schools will be stacking the deck in favor of worldwide liberal causes and I guess she feels that this could destroy individualism. Maybe it will and maybe it won’t. There is no anti-union terminology in her article, but the does mention wealth distribution and poverty among other items. Wow she did not mention unions. It’s quite possible that the schools mentioned, the John J. Duggan Middle School in Massachusetts, the Crescent Heights Social Justice Magnet in Los Angeles, and the Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School (is that a union shop or not) in Massachusetts have all passed the state mandate for neutral values already. What concerns me much more and should concern the nation is this. Governor Rick Perry was on the radio yesterday telling the world that 35 percent of the jobs created in the nation during the recovery were in his state. I want everyone to focus on this. With all of the talk about STEM and all of the students in STEM classes,
Common Core and Jobs-
We hear and see massive amounts of attention paid to “the fact” that the U.S. has massive numbers of IT jobs that go unfulfilled. Yet there is evidence to the contrary supplied by our own government. Here is a U.S. Census Bureau Report from 2012:

Census Bureau Reports Majority of STEM College Graduates Do Not Work in STEM Occupations
“The U.S. Census Bureau reported today that 74 percent of those who have a bachelor's degree in science, technology, engineering and math — commonly referred to as STEM — are not employed in STEM occupations. … "STEM graduates have relatively low unemployment, however these graduates are not necessarily employed in STEM occupations," said Liana Christin Landivar, a sociologist in the Census Bureau's Industry and Occupation Statistics Branch. According to new statistics from the 2012 American Community Survey, engineering and computer, math and statistics majors had the largest share of graduates going into a STEM field with about half employed in a STEM occupation. Science majors had fewer of their graduates employed in STEM. About 26 percent of physical science majors; 15 percent of biological, environmental and agricultural sciences majors; 10 percent of psychology majors; and 7 percent of social science majors were employed in STEM.”

We have to learn from history. When Bill Clinton ran against Ross Perot, it was Ross Perot who said that Bill Clinton had created only chicken plucking jobs in Arkansas. Ross Perot was a conservative who was condemning American job growth. We are still condemning American job growth. What has Rick Perry accomplished? Okay let us now rephrase the question. What has Texas accomplished? I want a full disclosure from that state showing all jobs and pay scales. I looked all over the internet for a Michelle Malkin article on Rick Perry and the job creation. I could not find it, but I guess that Michelle Malkin can explain it all. She has taken on Rick Perry over health issues, but she seems to be silent about job creation in

This is what I came up with later on about Texas.

Taking into consideration net growth of jobs what appeared to be a 49.9 percent increase in jobs in 2009 was actually a 29.2 or slightly lower percent net growth. This first figure was considered to be an “unfair” use of statistics because separate sources were used. A large state like Texas can easily account for 10 percent or more growth in many things. In unemployment Texas came in 24th in the nation which was slightly below the national average. Government jobs (in a Republican state) accounted for 27 percent of the employment growth up to July 2011, but only 5 percent was state government job growth. So 22 percent was based on areas that he really did not control. What you should know is that 9.5 percent of Texas make minimum wage or less when and the national figure is 6 percent. In 2008 only 5 percent of Texans were making at or below the minimum wage. Under George Bush as governor there were four years where that figure fell and did not rise. By 2010 the number had tripled from its low in 2006. In relation to health care in Texas, from 2008 to 2010 it had the highest rate in uninsured in the nation at 25 percent of its workers. The national average was 15.8 percent. The Kaiser Foundation indicated that Texas had the third lowest percentage of residents with employer-based insurance in 2009.

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By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED” with Queen Makkada, Jose M. Rios, and Angel Martinez.

A quick word about Eva Moskowitz and Queen Makkada. Both Eva Moskowitz and Queen Makkada say that their schools must partner with parents. Queen Makkada does not have a lottery system for students because the students are in their neighborhood schools. Queen Makkada does not get paid a salary and Eva Moskowitz gets well over $300,000 a year. Queen works with about 300 parents that she has trained and about 85 percent of the children of these parents pass their state exams. Eva Moskowitz says that 82 percent passed math and 58 percent passed ELA exams. Eva Moskowitz says we cannot fix poverty if we do not fix education, but all over our nation urban areas are fighting poverty by fighting for a higher minimum wage and better salaries overall. Any differences in percentages may be due to better teaching to the test. Teaching to the test has to improve in school districts all over our nation. No Child Left Behind demanded 100 percent proficiency and anything less was considered a failing school. Diane Ravitch writes about this in The Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools. She tells us that America’s schools are not failing and you can see indications of that in this article.

Essentially what Queen Makkada and Eva Moskowitz have done is similar. Queen did not take over a school that was closed down. The 300 parents come from various schools. The students at the Success Academies, too, come from various schools. Neither Queen Makkada nor Eva Moskowitz (I believe) has turned around a failing school. If the parents decide that their children should leave those ten schools and enter Success Academies in September, Queen Makkada would have to start all over and the Success Academies would reap the benefits. If Queen Makkada could accomplish all of this in Far Rockaway, can we not provide the same help to parents all over the city of New York, all over our nation, and all around the world? I believe we can and I am ready to proceed. I have no objection to charter schools, but charter schools really are not the answer to a huge problem and I do not consider Eva Moskowitz or Campbell Brown the Michael Jordans of education. For profit schools seem to be the answer, but I have just explained what is really needed and we can start in September to make a huge difference, even where there are no Success Academies. Move over Campbell Brown. Campbell Brown in on the board of Success Academies. The facts that Eva Moskowitz wrote about in her article in the New York Post are okay, but I ask that there be much more integrity in this great debate that is taking place. I know that I can provide that integrity. It is up to others to reach higher and give us the whole truth and that truth is that parents everywhere can make a great difference and teachers need to learn how to teach to the test.


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By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

The truth must be told about the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Where have we gone wrong? Why are there huge demonstrations against Israelis, Jews, and the United States? Thirty years ago I picked up the pen, not the sword or gun, in an attempt to teach the world. Maybe right now is the moment to start teaching. Can we help people to understand, help the masses to understand?

Let’s look at it first from the point of view of Americans to see where we should go, where we must go. Before the American Civil-War there was Uncle Tom’s Cabin, portraying the cruelty of slavery. Banned in the South at that time, people found ways to read it. After the formation of Israel, Exodus was well read and made into a feature film. Great literary works educate people. The Palestinian people and their supporters need to be educated. Americans and others all over the world who are inclined to support the Palestinians should know the whole truth. There is a timeline to this truth and we could pick centuries before the formation of the Jewish State of Israel, the days of the pioneers in the twentieth century and the Balfour Declaration, or some other period of time. I chose 1929. Lots of Americans can identify very well with that important year because of the Stock Market Crash. Let us turn to Hebron to see what people must know. The Jewish leaders who spoke at the Rally in Support of Israel yesterday (July 28, 2014) and those non-Jewish Congressmen must know the truth as well to speak more strongly, to teach more strongly what really happened. You will see the roots of terrorism among people from Lifta and Romena in Palestine. Go back to the real start and learn about the atrocities because the truth will set you free.

The struggle is not just about military superiority. The Sacred Oath was written in the 21 st century, but it is based on another literary work called Tov Meod (Very Good in Hebrew) which was started in 1983. The slaughter of 50 Talmudic students in Hebron by Arabs and six terrible years of terrorist attacks against Jews are largely left out of the news. This period of atrocities was finally answered by Jews during the War for Independence. America’s Jewish leaders and supporters should know more. They should read The Sacred Oath so they can teach the world more effectively. The Sacred Oath is required reading for all students who want to know the roots of today’s terrorism.

Here it is. Maybe you are reading this for the first time, but you will never forget it as I have never forgotten it. Dozens of Jews were slaughtered more than a decade before the Holocaust. And the violence against Jews continued. There was terror in Palestine from 1929-1935. Jews turned a cheek in the hope of having peace. Read more and learn.

The year is 1929. It is the end of the workday for the residents of Hebron, Palestine. White tents can be seen that are used by the settlers. At this hour, Jewish settlers are returning from the fields. Some are carrying buckets in order to get their ration of water. An infant is wasting water. His father stops to show his son not to waste water. Others can be seen washing themselves, having a drink, and having fun.
The pouring of water can be heard as it splashes into a metal basin. A woman is pouring water to be used for cooking.
Talmudic students are studying and praying.
There is silence for several seconds. Arabs dressed in traditional garments and European clothing are mounted on horses at the top of the hill. Like vultures getting ready to attack their prey, they are holding various weapons. The leader looks over the others and gives a signal. The sound of horses’ hooves pounding against the hard earth is heard. The Arabs make their way toward the houses of the Jews. The horses are moving faster. The sound gets louder. The Arabs launch their attack on some Jews who are outside.
Arabs enter the house where the Talmudic students are and proceed to slaughter these helpless people. Their cries ring out.
A man and woman frantically try to hide their children. One child is a young girl, about eight years old. The other child is an infant, about six months. The young girl and her brother are being hidden behind a closet. The closet is pushed back toward the wall. The Arabs enter the house and kill the man and woman before the eyes of the young girl.
Arab blades slash through the evening air. Arabs chase after other Talmudic students who try to run away. Two more students cry out as they are being killed by Arabs. There are more cries of agony in the air.

Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

This is a story that should have been told a long time ago. Actually it was told, but just to a few. Now people in power can share its contents.

Revenge has replaced reason in the minds of people. Congressman Hakeem Jeffries spoke yesterday and said that Israel lives in a “very tough neighborhood.” All tough neighborhoods need more education. I have led a fourteen year campaign to help tough neighborhoods. My work is known in African-American and Hispanic communities in many communities across the United States and outside the United States. When Dominicans ask me why I help the Dominican Republic so much, I tell them because a Dominican dictator saved hundreds of Jews from their death during the Holocaust. An American president sent the Jews away from American shores and we must pay the Dominican Republic back for allowing Jews to settle in Sosúa or as many Dominicans say Sosúa-Puerto Plata. Read the Sacred Oath and spread the word.

While returning from the rally, an Israeli who is teacher told me that I just go to Hebron soon and talk about The Sacred Oath, but I want to give a talk first on Long Island so that I can quickly share this story with people all over the United States.

If you thought that I was done, I am not. I can remember people who were proud of President Ronald Reagan’s attack on Libya. I told them that it would not last and it did not and actually things did get must worse. Let us not forget that. I knew that education was the real key to success. It is never too late to learn and listen.

Profesor Martin Danenberg 02:22 PM