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By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

I can just see William F. Buckley, Jr. and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg squaring off in a debate about Carl Campanille’s article in this morning’s New York Post. The late great William F. Buckley had a style of his own and he was known for being very convincing in his day.

Where do we begin? With Buckley asking “How can P.S. 194, P.S. 180, IS 117, and Creston Academy be world class schools?” These are schools that were under former Chancellor Joel Klein and succeeded by former Chancellor Dennis Walcott, a former deputy mayor. I can see Bloomberg countering by saying the schools really are world class schools but the talent has left those neighborhoods and gone to the Success Academy IV. I can see Bloomberg looking directly at Buckley and saying it is like taking Robinson Canó from the Yankees and putting him on the Mariners. “It’s a business decision William,” and “the business of our nation is business.”

Buckley says “Is it really like what happened to the United States after the war with Germany in World War II? They took the best scientists in the world from Germany.” “Yes it is,” Bloomberg responds.

Buckley asks “Did this charter school teach all of those students from the beginning of their school days?” Bloomberg replies “I really do not know, but it really doesn’t matter who gets the credit for their education growth. The fact is Success Academy IV is a better school.”

Buckley asks “So what do we do now with those four world class schools that you have given to Harlem and the Bronx?” Bloomberg says “I’m planning a private meeting with Mayor Bill de Blasio. He’s really a reasonable man and I will ask him to close down the schools and turn them over to Eva Moscowitz. She can teach those children better.”

This is just a script that I made up, but my readers should know that William F. Buckley would never have conducted an interview like this. Why? He was too intelligent. He would have been asking more probing questions to make his audience think and he would have known that there was something wrong with the reporting and that his questions would have revealed that. This would all lead to the conclusion that charter schools numbers are up because they have taken good minds away from public schools. Do they have a right to do this? Yes this is a free country and that can be done. Do reporters have the right to present articles the way they do? Yes they do. Should we have a better discussion or debate about this? Yes we should. That discussion or debate will come from all of us doing our part.

I know that Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Farina want to improve the parent involvement piece in schools. And let us say for argument sake that the parent involvement piece was good. We would conclude that something went wrong. So what is it? I do not know everything, but learn this. The teacher training or teacher development, which the New York State Education Department in schools knows is severely deficient on the common core exams, is definitely a big part of the problem. That my friends was not caused by Mayor de Blasio or by Chancellor Farina.

The article by Carl Campanille should have written to expose the Bloomberg-Klein-Walcott years and not the hot debate among the parties over co-location of schools.

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By Profesor Martin Danenberg "El Quijote del GED"

Something is fishy and stinks in New York City. It stinks in the public and public charter schools and it seems to stink as well in the Catholic and private schools as well. First let me give you the good news because numbers do count. Forty more Hispanics made the elite schools over all. There was a decline of three students among blacks. The NY Post has not even been a great help to improve things. The report by Aaron Short that I read this morning did not provide a breakdown for the students mentioned just now, nor was information given about the seven blacks and twenty-one Hispanics who made Stuyvesant High School. Charter school parents should be asking themselves what is really going on each year and why their children are not making the grade. Why? People like Joel Klein and President Barack Obama are talking about “world class” schools. Massachusetts did great on its international exams, but it would great to know how many of their black and Hispanic students could pass the Stuyvesant entrance exams or even the elite school entrance exams. I hate to think about what would happen down south or even in Texas. I know there is an educational gap in Texas because I read reports. We saw the yellow tee-shirts in Albany and the first thing that I felt was that there should not have been a closing of the charter schools for a demonstration. It was uncomfortable walking into the lobby of the LOB concourse and it was a potentially dangerous situation to have so many people inside at that time. At least it was in my personal opinion. In addition I felt that it was probably a violation of Chancellor’s regulations. In addition we are learning more and more about the hardships of children including children with special needs that are being pushed aside. Do I think that the charter schools are doing a good job? Yes I do. But they were set up to perform well and the other neighborhood schools were not.

People are always using racial and ethnic statistics and the 5 percent black and 7 percent Hispanic passing rates or acceptance rates are well below the statistics for the overall population. That is really expected. Unfortunately, even people like Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor may not realize it. The world class-double world class students are from and have been coming from Asia for decades. We can take a look at Africans if we want and see how they are doing. Asian and White students went up in percentages. Maybe that is where the Charter schools performed better. Maybe? Let’s see the numbers. Now! We need people like Eva Moskowitz to come forward and tell us the entire truth. Joel Klein failed to do it under Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I want a committee to look into things.

I wrote about this years ago and told my readers that we could double the amount of space for the elite schools and double the numbers of blacks and Hispanics immediately, but nobody listened. Now that I have much better connections at City Hall and the office of the Chancellor of New York City Schools, maybe and emphasize maybe we can do much more to help the students, their families, their schools, and their communities.

Blacks and Hispanics are forty-six percent of the test takers. Last year they were forty-three percent of the test takers.

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By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

Get the youth on the streets back into high school now and help youth faster with the G.E.D. and other equivalencies. Two simple things to do. There may be four hundred thousand youth who are feeding the prison industrial complex in New York.

Governors are not addressing public safety correctly and should be advocating for schools to ask the students who have dropped out to return to school. See the letter written to Cami Anderson of Newark. Tell the governor that enough is enough. A common sense approach has never been in place. Everyone is to blame, but now there are answers to difficult problems. We can ask the schools to do more. We’ve done that with high stakes testing to be competitive in the world and we also need more new initiatives to make the streets safer.

I visited Newark and began to impact on people in government there as I addressed the public safety issue. But first here is something that I talked about on Long Island only a month ago. A Spanish speaking family was killed and there was no translation of the NYPD report and the family was not properly protected. On Long Island I was speaking to police about learning Spanish and that included getting firemen to learn Spanish. Lives can be saved and I want Mayor De Blasio to do something to promote the study of Spanish among the people who must protect people. Newark can wake up to this matter and do more right away. Paterson may not be too far behind.


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By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

Trial by ordeal used to be something like this. You were tied to a stake in water and you were expected to drown and if you did not drown you were innocent.

Your first experience with “grandfathering” in a school subject was probably in United States history and that lesson was probably about voting rights, discrimination, and states’ rights. New York state is “grandfathering” GED test scores for two years and I have been informed that people will take the entire TASC test as part of that “grandfathering.” I will repeat that the entire test has to be taken over. The Regents were comfortable with invoking states’ rights. I am not. States’ rights does not belong in GED testing or any other testing that affects our nation.

In one of my first conversations with a friend who teaches math in New York City, he did not quite understand just how bad this decision could be right away. Then he realized that a student who takes the entire test over just might fail the math because of the pressure of taking the entire TASC test. He agreed with me that the student who just has to pass math or one subject should skip the entire test and just be allowed to take the math or the subject needed in order to pass it and receive a diploma. This is not really “grandfathering” my readers. It is trial by ordeal. My friend also pointed out that there would be a great waste of time in proctoring the entire test. What should be done is this. Anyone who needs to take one of the parts should register with others who need to pass only one part and the entire group take the test together or that person should be allowed to take the test with regular test takers. The people who gave us this decision have failed in common core critical thinking. This bad decision needs to be taken care of immediately.


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Una Fórmula Para Evitar la Deserción Universitaria

Hay recomendaciones para Bill Gates, Carlos Slim y otros empresarios y sus fundaciones. El e- comericio es importante y miles de estudiantes deben tener su propio negocio en línea.
Miles pueden obtener un negocio después de leer este artículo.

Por Benjamin Morillo

Muchos, o una gran mayoría de nuestros estudiantes universitarios, muy especialmente en nuestra Universidad Primada de América, enfrentan una precaria situación económica. Lo que se constituye en una traba para su desarrollo intelectual y profesional. Estos jóvenes deben hacer malabares para sostener sus estudios y muchos desertan por la presión económica y toman cualquier empleo para subsanar un poco las carencias que enfrentan. Quienes detiene sus estudios para dedicarse a producir, lo hacen con la esperanza de poder regresar y concluir sus carreras; pero la vida los atrapa y los mantiene lejos de la universidad y de sus sueños de un día ser profesionales y el País se va quedando paulatinamente con menos profesionales competentes de los que debería y sí con mucha gente frustrada.

El Estado, y muy especialmente en los últimos años, hace grandes esfuerzos por otorgar becas a estudiantes de escasos recursos; sin embargo, esto no basta, pues es prácticamente imposible cubrir la demanda y estas becas deben ser otorgadas a los mejores estudiantes para así poder garantizar el mejor aprovechamiento de los recursos invertidos. Pero, ¿qué sucede con la inmensa mayoría que no puede acceder a las becas o, en su defecto, a préstamos educativos? Estos son quienes engrosan las filas de los desertores que mencionábamos con anterioridad. Recordemos los años luminosos de Cuba, cuando era un modelo en el campo de la formación profesional, que diseminó profesionales altamente capacitados por todo el mundo, muchos de los cuales se destacan hoy en diferentes campos del saber.

Y esta realidad de la que hablamos no se da únicamente en nuestro país, sino que aqueja a muchas otras naciones. En Estados Unidos, por ejemplo, muchas ciudades tienen programas de empleos de tiempo parcial para que los jóvenes puedan cubrir sus gastos educativos (un caso reciente es el de la Long Island University). Estos programas son diseñados cuidadosamente para que no afecten el rendimiento académico de los estudiantes. En nuestro País se debería aplicar esta misma política y lograr acuerdos con empresas para que acojan a estudiantes de escasos recursos en horarios específicos para que estos puedan llevar a cabos sus labores educativas a la par con las productivas.

Carlos Slim, Bill Gates y otros cuyo interés son los negocios tienen ideas maravillosas en este sentido. Los minutos para los teléfono se añaden hoy electrónicamente por máquinas y estas máquinas pueden utilizarse para agregar minutos a todas las empresas, reduciendo la necesidad de proporcionar un individuo para hacerlo en una tienda telefónica. Cada día se crean empleos y nuevos negocios electrónicos cambiando el mundo. El Profesor Martin Danenberg convoca a fundaciones e individuos para buscar negocios electrónicos y trabajar con las universidades y escuelas secundarias de América Latina y el Caribe para ayudar a las personas que desean graduarse pero sus circunstancias económicas son un escollo en su camino al éxito.

Y, como dice Bill Gates: “Si tu negocio no está en internet, entonces estás fuera del negocio”. Estos gurúes de los negocios, deberían ser más agresivos a la hora de destinar recursos para la capacitación de jóvenes en el área tecnológica, pues esto le garantiza a sus empresas un mercado mayor. Por eso, le vemos mucha coherencia al llamado del profesor Martin Dannenberg, cuya labor está dejando frutos tangibles en todo el mundo.

El profesor Martin Danenberg, un maestro norteamericano preocupado por esta situación, nos comenta que ha creado un sistema para distribuir sus libros de idiomas que de seguro ayudará a jóvenes que necesitan generar ingresos sin comprometer su tiempo de estudio. El profesor Danenberg, más conocido como “El quijote del GED”, por su labor en favor de la implementación de este programa, es un activista por la Educación quien ha recorrido gran parte del mundo en sus actividades de promoción de la Educación. Para mayor información, los jóvenes y las instituciones interesadas pueden conocer más y comunicarse directamente conmigo.

Benjamín Morillo es maestro, conferencista y comunicador. Es autor de varios libros entre los cuales se destaca “Cómo Estudiar con Provecho”. Es subdirector y encargado de redacción de la Revista Mi PaísRD.

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By Profesor Martin Danenberg "El Quijote del GED"

There are two things that have been on my mind for a long time.

We have to make neighborhoods safe to the point where police are not called upon to be brave in confronting crime and violence. I can remember when people were arguing if police needed to carry guns (London police). Although the last ten years have seen improvements in education and it is really hard to measure those improvements, New York State has lost 50,000 diplomas that could have added more professionals instead of more people in jail. People around Governor Cuomo are to blame for this, but Andrew Cuomo should have learned a lot from me a long time ago. It is just that he had his head in the sand. Look what has happened in New Jersey right now because of the people around Governor Christie. In that scandal, there was a 91 year old woman who died. In last 10 years in New York, hundreds or thousands have died and tens of thousands have been sent to prison because of what New York State has done. Both scandals are important.

The second thing is this. Neighborhoods have to be cleaned up of gangs and other negative influences and we should not be spending $20,000 to pay teachers who do “outstanding” work. I say this because I am a union member and this has nothing to do with backing the union. So don’t even try going there. I think that the UFT has been a part of the problem for not supporting my ideas. So Governor Cuomo is wrong. Use the money for public safety issues. Public safety should come first. A safe neighborhood and a safe school should be redefined by everyone where school and neighborhood work more closely together. That could mean getting the principals to work harder to bring those students who are not attending schools and who will be part of the 1.2 million who drop out of school annually across our nation.

Councilman Robert Jackson disagreed with me during the Somos El Futuro Conference in 2013 about the role of the people in Albany creating the mess that I have been writing about, but he is wrong. The people in government in Albany are to blame. Robert Jackson is a great friend, but the truth always has to be told.

We have to stop playing cat and mouse games with gang members, especially those gang members who are marginal and who have not been involved in killing anyone or anything close to killing someone. Steve Bellone in Suffolk County has to show the progress he has made since I attended a meeting in the Central Islip Recreation Center. The GED was discussed that night. Where are the results? Where’s the beef? The police have to stop playing that cat and mouse game where they earn huge overtime benefits. Put the money into prevention, but call upon real experts to help.

Then there's Mayor Bill De Blasio in New York City. The rich have to be taxed, but don’t put all of that money into “universal after-school” or even “universal pre-K” because our at-risk or truly at-risk youth need help. Title 4 youth need extra help. Students who have already dropped out of high school need extra help. Those youth are about to drop out like flies as the end of the school year approaches. Where is the help that the schools are supposed to provide? The same people in New York advocating “universal pre-k” have allowed the huge deficit in GED diplomas affecting the parents of the children they hope to help. The plan has not worked and it is not going to work well.

Last night on the radio blog with former boxing heavyweight champion James “Bonecrusher” Smith, I asked cities like New York, Boston, and Newark to get involved with the Do Write Campaign or Do Right Campaign. The “people’s champ” is ready to launch the campaign to help at-risk youth and other youth across the United States. He is ready to take this campaign into the Dominican Republic as well. Obesity, making bad decisions and cutting down on the violence, and getting students to write are just three units of this campaign that Bonecrusher wants to address across the nation. Last night’s broadcast of the radio blog is in archives and we will be waiting for the response of our governors and mayors. We can count on immediate support and not the kind of bridge-gate and GED-gate that we have witnessed in past years.

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From Bonecrusher Smith to President Bill Clinton

By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

Who would believe that a new radio blog program that is little known may result in getting “Bonecrusher” in contact with former President Bill Clinton? I sat there talking about things that I talk about to most people and then the name Bill Clinton came up on the show and I told everyone that Hillary Clinton knows about my work from her days as senator in New York. I have Rose Rodriguez to thank for that. Rose Rodriguez was a senior advisor to Hillary Clinton. “Bonecrusher” Smith has stepped into the ring as “The People’s Champion” to help students, families, communities, and our nation (maybe the world). This is the kind of thing one would expect to hear about from Oprah Winfrey and her world, but it happened on a simple radio blog with the champ. All schools across the United States can get in touch with “Bonecrusher” and he will answer the phone. His Champion For Kids is online with his number. Rufus Edmisten’s name was mentioned and he is a legend in government in North Carolina as a former attorney general and secretary of state in North Carolina. He was also Deputy Chief Counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee. He is the link to President Clinton.

Well the champ gave me the green light to talk about my Amazing Race Books, the foundation that is needed to study English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian. Children have a foundation before going to their first class, but people studying those languages do not. The foundation consists of groups of vocabulary that could be learned in days or weeks, not in months or years. By the way, my business has a multilevel structure and that means people can make money by selling or by finding people to sell. And getting into this business is almost as simple as watching your favorite television show. I told the audience that the book for the Hispanic community is so important to all those interested in President Barack Obama’s immigration reform. All Hispanics must learn English and English could be learned much faster with the book than ever before in history.

We talked about the book writing proposal of the champ. I happen to know that Bill Cosby (a GED graduate) was involved with people who spent time in jail and they wanted him to support their efforts to help people returning from jail or prison. Cosby, I was told, countered with his own point and that was how can we prevent people from going to prison in the first place? It was a good point indeed for society to know more, but the other side had something important to share as well. The relationship between Bill
Cosby and that group, it seems, ended right there, but from my point of view and knowing communities very well, both was needed and it could have been done together. I think we have to bring everyone back to the table to talk. Yes the champ’s proposal can help really at-risk youth who can write instead of making the decision to commit crime or violence. As we said, these youth need to put down the gun and pick up the pen. Remember that the pen is mightier than the sword (or the gun).

“Bonecrusher” and I talked about how we met in Myrtle Beach and how I later went down there to see him and attend his golf tournament. When we went to have dinner with him at a restaurant, he was there waiting for us. We met another time near La Guardia Airport in New York, we had a light dinner and we talked to Livingston Bramble. And yes we do talk just about every day. He even talks about going down to the Dominican Republic with me. So when I say get in touch with him, we mean business.

“Bonecrusher” was talking about his next fight up in Myrtle Beach with Todd “Punisher” Poulton, a former two-time celebrity boxing champion which will take place in Myrtle Beach at the X Sports Mall on June 14, 2014. Maybe it does not compare to Stallone and Di Nero, but these guys can really punch. This is part of the champ’s Do Right Challenge and they mean business. A Pay Per View ticket purchase may get you a signed copy of M.A.D. with a great photo of the champ on the cover. We shall see about that shortly as the champ makes all of the arrangements.

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Ojala Que Llueva Ingles es la Solucion

Por Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

Ojala Que Llueva Inglés no es una canción ni una broma. Es algo serio y esencial para la comunidad hispana aquí y en los paises de origen de ellos. El niño asistiendo la clase por primera vez y el estudiante de inglés necesitan una fundación. Hay varias partes de la fundación, mirando television, leyendo letreros, escuchando Americanos y más. Ojalá Que Llueva Inglés muestra lo que el hispano sabe pero no sabe y hace el hablar de inglés mucho más fácil desde la primera lección en adelante.

Los políticos y las decisiones que toman me molestan mucho. El GED y estudio de inglés en la ciudad de New York son víctimas de todos. Claro la persona que anda los caminos por décadas y a la edad de 40 años de edad dice “necesito mi GED” o “hablar inglés” es culpable, pero su representante en su distrito electoral es culpable por sus decisiones también. Hay información sobre el GED en las oficinas de los representantes del pueblo? También ellos, los representantes, no han aprendido lo que muestran las estadísticas y la información básica del problema. No hay clases suficientes para todos y no podemos tener clases por el 1.5 millones en la ciudad sin un GED. La nueva clase de GED está en competencia con la clase de inglés. Cada dólar gastado en la ciudad de New York está en competencia con la cantidad de dinero gastado por el estudio del GED y el estudio de inglés.

Una solución consiste en tener la fundación necesaria para el estudio de inglés y una gran parte de esta fundación está en Ojalá Que Llueva Inglés. Recursos en línea son sumamente importante a ellos que no hablan inglés. El sitio web recomendado por el Departamento de Educación de los Estados Unidos no está recomendado por los mismos representantes en sus oficinas. Hay información sobre muchos asuntos pero nada que muestra un entendimiento de ellos que no asisten las clases. Sin progreso en el entendimiento de los políticos, nosotros tenemos que escuchar a lo mismo siempre de ellos. Claro el tema de cobrar más impuestos a los ricos es importante a la seguridad de una ciudad y sus habitantes, pero la circulación de información gratuita o de información con poco costo siempre ha sido un elemento importante en la sociedad y los representantes se fracasan mucho. También el sitio web conjugation ayuda mucho para aprender los verbos.

La solución siempre ha sido movilizando toda la comunidad y no solamente una parte pequeña de la comunidad. Cuando los políticos desean sus votos hacen mucho para movilizar la comunidad en sus hogares y en las calles, pero en relación al GED o el hablar de inglés se han cometido errores enormes. Ojalá que llueva educación en las calles de New York por los políticos finalmente y por soluciones.

Profesor Martin Danenberg 11:47 AM

Ivan Grullon Rector Candidate UASD and the Robbery

Profesor Martin Danenberg "El Quijote del GED"

I was recently attacked and robbed on the streets of Santo Domingo. This happened on November 14, 2013 and the man who robbed me introduced me to the leading candidate for rector of the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. There is some evidence that can be investigated. The man says he knows me from a previous visit to a hotel in Santo Domingo and he says that he teaches informatica or computer science at the same university. There is some photographic evidence and there were phone calls, one made to rector candidate Iván Grullón who told a new friend of mine that he would call the man and a call from the man who Iván Grullón called soon called and told my friend that he was not in Santo Domingo when the attack occurred. On the day of my departure from Santo Domingo, I spoke with candidate Grullón and he repeated twice that he does not know the man. So the robbery and attack have placed me in the middle of the elections for the rector of the national university of the Dominican Republic with branches in cities all over that country. On November 27, 2013, I called Noticias SIN in Santo Domingo and I talked to Alicia Ortega about this matter. Alicia Ortega was helpful and she thinks she can do something about this matter. If the man called by Iván Grullón is the man who robbed and attacked me, Grullón is lying to protect the man.

When I reported the attack and robbery at a police station outside Enriquillo Park, I was told that Ivan Grullón would be called to testify and provide the name of the person. In the Palace of Justice where I made a report the person did not put Ivan Grullón’s name in the report, telling me that we have to be diplomatic. The security officer at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. Mr. Almonte, and one other person was not really helpful as I was told that I would have to know the name of the person who attacked me for them to proceed. I have not heard from Alicia Ortega, but maybe she is on vacation. There is probably a photograph on record of the assailant at a hotel in Santo Domingo. There was a phone call made to Ivan Grullón by my friend and a call made to the man who called my friend in which my friend was told by that man that he was not in Santo Domingo at the time. Those telephone numbers are part of the record of this case. Then finally, Ivan Grullón twice denied to me that he does not know the man.

This brings in question the morality of people in power. Obviously if Mr. Grullón is lying, he has not done anything criminal. For the moment, the evidence suggests strongly that Ivan Grullón is lying. Should this be a matter for people who are voting for the rector of the national university? I think so. I hope so.

Me atacó y me robó un dominicano en las calles de Santo Domingo recientemente. Esto ocurrió el 14 de noviembre de 2013, y el hombre que me robó me introdujo al principal candidato a rector de la Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. Hay alguna evidencia que puede ser investigado. El hombre dijo que me conoce de una visita anterior a un hotel en Santo Domingo y él dice que él enseña informática en la misma universidad. Hay evidencia fotográfica y había llamadas telefónicas, una hecha a candidato rector Iván Grullón donde él dijo a un nuevo amigo mío que iba a llamar al hombre y una llamada del hombre que Iván Grullón llamó donde el hombre llamado por Grullón le dijo a mi amigo que él no era en Santo Domingo durante el ataque y robo. En el día de mi salida de Santo Domingo, hablé con el candidato Grullón y él repitió dos veces que él no conoce el hombre. Así es que el robo y ataque me han colocado en el medio de las elecciones a rector de la universidad nacional de la República Dominicana, con sucursales en las ciudades de todo el país. En 27 de noviembre 2013, llamé a Noticias SIN en Santo Domingo y hablé con Alicia Ortega sobre este asunto. Alicia Ortega ha sido útil y cree que puede hacer algo acerca de este asunto. Si el hombre llamado por Iván Grullón es el hombre que me robó y me atacó a mí, Grullón está mintiendo para proteger el hombre.

Profesor Martin Danenberg 10:26 AM

College Students in E-Commerce Now

By Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”

College students can now get an online business to gain experience and make money. High school students are eligible as well. So apply and receive those important benefits. Become entrepreneurs in one day.

Long Island University Post has begun a campus store for profit helping students learn the retail clothing business. And some more famous institutions started business projects to put American students in the 21st century teaching them skills that are so badly needed. Loyola University in Chicago and Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. have done just that and there are others. I would suggest that even high schools start taking a look at these important ideas.

I have just told people in the Dominican Republic that things have to change. Is the national university, the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, doing anything like that? I had difficulty finding a student newspaper for the university in Santo Domingo. An e-newspaper is badly needed to give the students a voice.

I have also told women and people connected with women’s federations that they may help the cause of women and join in the E-Commerce Movement to give women both training and an online business selling the ten language books of Amazing Race Books. There is a screenplay as well and two autobiographies will be of great interest to students of education, sociology, political science, third world nation studies, police science, and the G.E.D. This is a time for action and leadership. Can you imagine what could be done to help teenagers in the United States, considering that many people are concerned about the high unemployment among teens? Other similar companies can step forward and do the same thing. Some students in high school do have their own business and some of those businesses make huge sums of money.

The Amazing Race Books are about to sold to parents of children in New York’s public schools. Spanish speaking parents are about to learn much more English fast as they learn from the book The Amazing Race a Inglés: Ojalá Que Llueva Inglés. This book could be sold all over Latin America and other Spanish speaking countries. Remember Spain? The other books are to learn Portuguese, Italian, French, and Spanish. Please see other articles about the Amazing Race Books.


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Amazing Race Books for All Schools and Communities

Children get educated, parents learn more, and elders avoid Alzheimer’s in this educational initiative for all schools and communities.


Would you send a child to the first grade or first year of formal schooling without a foundation of knowing how to write a bit, knowing the numbers and colors, knowing how to speak the language, opening a book, and more? My books are the foundation of foundations for people who want to study English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian. The parents said they want their children to speak more and not less when they learn a new language and everyone could speak much more with the foundation of 24 groups of words that are the same in all five languages. In addition the books will teach children so many new and important vocabulary words that they will need to know and do it without any high stakes testing (Common Core). The children will be better prepared for their academic work and learning will come more natural to them. The days of taking language classes without the foundation will soon be over. Hispanics will be able to study with Ojalá Que Llueva Inglés and speak more fast.

District 27 has over 50 schools and according to what I heard before my talk, the parents want important information to be shared by other schools so that their schools can achieve the same good or great performance that those schools have achieved. The word must get out to all schools. The example used by one parent leader was getting important information about helping Hurricane Sandy’s victims. People need new information and resources to help the children. Let’s help the children in all of our schools. Help the entire community as well as you read more! Parents use Title 1 money to purchase the books for the parents, but they can help their communities by recommending the books to all who will finally get badly needed help outside of school.

The parents were amazed that they could understand one word after another during my presentation, words that they had never heard before in Spanish. Why? The words are the same in both languages. Some of the parents were particularly impressed to learn that they have a slight foundation already. They remembered how they and their children learned Italian pronunciation when saying the name Pinoocchio, which they can pronounce correctly. My books provide a much deeper foundation of vocabulary and verbs that speed up the use of the new language from day one on.
District 27 wants to help its Hispanic speaking parents to learn English faster. Ten schools attended the conference in the district office yesterday and listened to my presentation. One of the children told me that she knows two Portuguese words and I told her that she could learn hundreds of words in just two weeks.

Let me be brief. The study of the five languages is important to the parents mentioned, all of the children, and even the grandparents who are loved by their families. The study of a second language will help those seniors avoid dementia or Alzheimer’s.

District 27 is leading the way to helping their schools and communities. Join us now!

Profesor Martin Danenberg

Profesor Martin Danenberg 03:00 PM

Common Core Testing Failure Caused by New York State Education Department

Even the New York Times and other newspapers are not telling the people of New York the truth about the failure. People have been calling for the resignation of Dr. John King, something that I asked for a long time ago. Diane Ravitch and other leading voices are not telling you what you see here. Why? They did not know, I guess. Finally elected officials are speaking out, but they were not there at the beginning of this problem. The Regents are responsible and not just Dr. King. See what these people did not know from the beginning of the last school year. Bill Gates has been blamed for causing this and it is time to investigate everything.

Education is a Civil Right today and Civil Rights is failing again.

I do not think that Title 1 was set up only for those parents who come into school. Parent involvement works with parents who never come to school. Historically, few Chinese parents came into school before the 1970’s and their children succeeded in great numbers and so do many middle class children today. We have been told that tutoring is not working out that well and that parent involvement works. So what has been happening all over the state of New York? The best schools are the ones with the vast majority of children doing well and make up forty percent. The sixty percent come largely from minority schools. Parent involvement in Title I cannot be confined to only those parents who come into school. There has to be better communication with the outside world, those other parents who do not come into school. It must be apparent from these words that the Department of Education is misleading the parent leadership which is misleading the parents and their children. There has to be better communication.

As part of that communication across the city of New York digest this. Weeks ago in the Spanish media, I pointed out that there is evidence that the Department of Education is responsible for errors in preparation in its statewide testing. It was reported to me that schools that do practice testing maintain the results in the computer and do not share the results with parents. I also pointed out in my article that the same thing takes place in GED instruction in the state. The New York Times has written about the high failure of New York State GED candidates and this little known fact may be one of the principal causes of the high rate among GED preparation programs. I noticed this malpractice during the 1990’s and it does go on today.

Geoffrey Canada became famous for the success of his Harlem Children’s Zone and a careful reading of the book about that success details how a principal was fired and replaced by someone who knew about practice testing. That was predictable to me. What did happen afterwards is that the great ego of that program fell, but it did not fall apart. When the Commissioner of Education raised the passing scores and the Harlem Children’s Zone number of passers declined substantially, someone told me that the school still had higher passing scores than some states. There are some quick reasons to explore about this comment. Population and practice testing are two of the main ones. Luck may be another one. Since the new principal knew about practice testing and proper procedures, the school could have better results. Parents could easily cause scores to shoot up by hiring tutors to address the needs of their children based on the practice tests. This is what is missed by schools that give practice tests and keep those tests and their results in the computer. The sharing of weaknesses is essential so that parents can assure the success of their children when that success may not be assured by the school. This is what parents have always done, even without high stakes testing.

Based on the evidence that I obtained from one teacher, I conclude that Department of Education and the schools are at fault for the failure of the students on tests in grades 3-8.

"Common Core Testing Failure Caused by New York State Education Department"

Profesor Martin Danenberg 08:06 AM

Amazing Race Language Books

By Martin N. Danenberg

These books show students of these languages what you know, but you do not know. So it will be easy to learn. These books go well with any teaching or study method. Rapid acquisition will take place. Since you know the vocabulary and it is either the same of almost the same, you can learn to use that vocabulary in days and weeks.

This is from the Amazing Race to Spanish: Your Internet Guide to Success.

Spanish words that you probably know
Hasta la vista, Baby! La Vida Loca
café olé Rio Grande
La cucaracha mañana
taco Puerto Rico
Ponce de León mango
San Francisco tequila

The rapid acquisition of these words in a few weeks will permit the language student to quickly think and say things that are not possible by taking a course for a year or two or more without learning this information.

This chapter(9) has the most words (11 pages of helpful words). As you can see, this is vocabulary that you know or should know. Teens and others who do not know some of the words will benefit through increased vocabulary which will be helpful in school and taking important tests.

These words come from Group or Part 1. This is chapter 9 and there are 24 chapters. There are 84 pages of words in Part 1.
English Spanish
9 tion/ción and tión
abdication abdicación
aberration aberración
abolition abolición
abomination abominación
absolution absolución
abstention abstención
abstraction abstracción
action acción
activation activación
adaptation adaptación
admiration admiración
adoption adopción
adoration adoración
adulation adulación
agitation agitación
alienation alienación
alteration alteración
amputation amputación
animation animación
anticipation anticipación
articulation articulación
aspiration aspiración

These words come from Group or Part 2. The words below include the changes with the letters A and B. This group has changes that run from A to Z. The letter that is added appears first. The letter Removed appears last. And there are spelling Alerts that are important to success. There are 30 pages or words in Part 2.

Part 2. The Amazing Race to Spanish continues. One change.
English Spanish
14 ment/mento
apartment apartamento
department departamento

16 ist/ista
flutist flautista
Remove A
7 ble/ble
appealable apelable

19 ic/ico
aesthetic estético

English Spanish
9 tion/ción
abbreviation abreviación

These words comes from Group or Part 3. There are more spelling changes in these words and the words are alphabetized in a unique way. Here A to E and A to I are shown. There are 21 pages of words in Part 3.

Part 3. The Amazing Race to Spanish continues. Other changes.
English Spanish
A to E
3 or/or
rancor rencor

7 ble/ble
pardonable perdonable

11-12 ance/encia
assistance asistencia
resistance resistencia

24 ous/oso
rancorous rencoroso
English Spanish
A to I
7 ble/ble
consumable consumible
definable definible
preferable preferible
transferable transferible

These words are from Group or Part 4. These words are much harder to learn and will need more time to learn. There are 4 pages of words in Part 4.

Part 4. The Amazing Race to Spanish continues. Hardest words.
English Spanish
1 al/al
autumnal otoñal
coincidental coincidencial
extramarital extramatrimonial
loyal leal
procedural procedimental
scuptural escultural
signal señal
unofficial extraoficial
unequal desiqual
4 ant/ante
assailant asaltante
inhabitant habitante

5 ent/ente
consequent consiguiente
crescent creciente
quotient cociente
subsequent subsiguiente

There are pages of similar verbs to learn fast.

Verbs that are similar.
to accompany acompañar
to be accustomed acostumbrar
to accuse acusar
to admire admirar
to admit admitir
to adopt adoptar
to adore adorar
to aggravate agravar
to announce anunciar
to applaud aplaudir
to appreciate apreciar
to approve aprobar
to assist asistir
to attack atacar
to advance avanzar
to battle batallar
to box boxear
to bronze or tan broncear
to characterize caracterizar
to celebrate celebrar
to certify certificar
to commence comenzar
to conduct conducir

There are pages of helpful verbs to learn fast.
Helpful verbs.
To be.....
to be bored aburrirse
to be accustomed o to be in the habit of acostumbrar
to be present frequently acudir
to be pleasing agradar
to be thankful for agradecer
to be glad alegrarse
to be high alumbrarse
to be present asistir
to be frightened o to be scared asustarse
to be enough o to be sufficient bastar
to be silent callarse
to be acquainted with conocer
to be delinquent delinquir
to be(get) divorced divorciarse
to be mistaken equivocarse
to be estar
to be lacking o to be wanting faltar
to be pleasing (to) gustar
to be ignorant of ignorar
to be important importar
to be interested in interesarse
to be called o to be named llamarse

In Group 1, there are spelling tests after every 6 chapters.
There are spelling tests at the end of Groups 2, 3, and 4.
© 2013 Martin N. Danenberg

Here are other books using the same methods of study in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

The AMAZING RACE to FRENCH: Your Internet Guide to Success

The AMAZING RACE to ITALIAN: Your Internet Guide to Success

The AMAZING RACE to PORTUGUESE: Your Internet Guide to Success

The AMAZING RACE A ANGLAIS: Votre Guide Internet Du Succès

The AMAZING RACE A INGLESE: La Tua Guida Internet Per Il Successo

The AMAZING RACE A INGLÊS: Seu Guia Internet Para O Sucesso

THE AMAZING RACE A INGLÉS: Ojalá Que Llueva Inglés

Profesor Martin Danenberg 01:01 PM


BY Profesor Martin Danenberg "El Quijote del GED"

Who failed Chicago? Obama % Company for starters and Michelle Malkin and her friends.

Although I think that everyone is to blame, including community activist Barack Obama back in the days in Chicago, this is the worst of Michelle Malkin, not Michelle Obama. She writes about Democrats pouring $30 million into Chicago's schools and the New York Times hailing the "big" government plan to do things, including create jobs for at-risk youth. Then she uses information about "watchdogs" who blasted the effort calling the effort "Jobs for Jerks" and pointing out that "good students" did not get the jobs. This is conservative thinking among conservatives and even liberals. I know people that take youth who are wonderful children who attend church into prisons as part of the effort to help at-risk youth. This is the real waste. The "jerks" are the ones who need that. There are efforts all over the United States to help gang members and people coming out of jail with jobs. Even top conservatives have been involved in this. Yes the "jerks" are in competition with the "good students" everyday. We have to help everyone so the children of the Michelle Malkins of the world will be safe. The late owner of the New York Yankees, instantly turned the life of Ray Negron around by giving him a great job with a great organization. Okay, it did not cost $30 million, but it did cost a good kid from getting the position. We need programs for everyone, including at risk youth. Even charter schools need to do more for at-risk children. The police in Chicago can contact me for a new initiative for "at-risk" youth as well. Maybe Michelle Malkin can bring us all together instead of dividing us even more.

What is wrong with the rest of her article is that there are probably statistics that show that the efforts in Chicago (possibly with the exception of Federal housing report) that there was improvement, but there is no description of those improvements. We always have to give credit for improvements to be accurate, even if the improvements were minimal. This is just a horrible effort in my opinion and Michelle Malkin's article was not fit for print or maybe it is just really the Michelle Malkin Chicago Times newspaper making it fit for print.

Now is the time for Michelle Malkin to read my article on Bad Governance in New York (or Chicago or Los Angeles or Detroit) and learn from someone who knows about communities.

Martin Danenberg

Profesor Martin Danenberg 10:02 AM