July 08, 2012


By Profesor Martin Danenberg "El Quijote del GED"
Please see important new intervention by President Obama at the end.

A dictator did more for Jews than the elected leader of the United States. Generalisimo Francisco Franco used to his power to grant citizenship to the descendants of Sephardic Jews, saving 17,000 Jews from death camps. From 1940-42 about 7,500 immigrants passed through. By 1943 after being in internment camps, Jews were allowed to live in Spanish cities. I have repeatedly written and told people in immigrant communities that the American Jew should do much more to help immigrants today. We should learn from the experiences of the Holocaust. When the antisemitic behavior of Americans and relatives of President Roosevelt kept help away from my people, a powerful dictator helped.

I read about the Holocaust at night. I think about my grandmother, Mollie Kurzweil, who told me back in the 1950's that her entire family was killed by Hitler. I look at a photo of a Jewish mother and her son sitting on the ground of the Przemsyl Ghetto in Poland, the city where my grandmother and her parents and family came from. The photo shows a woman trying to sell some dishes and other items to people passing by. Anyone caught buying any of those items could be arrested and maybe killed for buying from a Jew. Her son sat on the ground , no shoes on his feet and with little chance of surviving in the ghetto. Those two Jews could have been my family. Maybe I keep looking at the photo of cousins, but I do not know. My grandmother did not talk about the Holocaust much. She knew about the Dreyfus Affair and the framing of a French Jewish army captain in France before the twentieth century. All of our immigrants should be respected. The disrespect led to the deaths and there are deaths today resulting from people seeking out immigrants in our country. I have been to Przemsysl where my grandmother lived and her family was wiped out.

We should never forget, but all of us should learn from the entire experience. I want to see undocumented immigrants remain with their families and I want all immigrants to be educated. The discrimination has to end, discrimination based on local control. Arizona and Alabama have to fall like Hitler's Germany fell. All people have to be respected.

Here are some details about Przemsyl. My grandmother taught me how to spell it. Twelve thousand Jews were deported from Przemsyl , Poland to the Belzec death camp on August 3, 1942. On September 11, 1943, one thousand Jews discovered hiding in Przemsyl are murdered. In September 1944, the Gestapo and SS men in Przemysl executed eight members of a non-Jewish Polish family and a little Jewish girl after discovering the group playing cards in a courtyard.

My father's father came from Sanok, Poland. Eight thousand Jews from Sanok and that region died in the Belzec death camp from September 5-September 10, 1942.

James Houghteling was the Commissioner of Immigration in 1939 and his wife was quoted about the Wagner-Rogers Bill, stating "that 20,000 ugly children would all too soon grow up into 20,000 ugly adults." Laura Delano Houghteling was President Roosvelt's cousin and she was talking about Jews.
February to June 1942. The Wagner-Rogers Bill is sunk by antisemites in Congress and the lack of support from President Roosevelt. Senator Robert Reynolds of North Carolina is well connected to German-American Nazi agent August Gausebeck whose partner Walter Schellenberg is the coordinator of Gestapo activities in the United States.

In 1940, Assistant Secretary of State Breckinridge Long opposes "excessive humanitarianism" in regards to the Jews. As ambassador to Italy, he had a "predilection for Mussolini and fascism.
On April 1, 1941, Rashid Ali al-Gaylani, a pro-Nazi, rose to power in Iraq and attacks on the Jews led to 179 people being killed and 2,000 injured. Many Iraqi Jews left for Shanghai, China.

September 7, 1941 British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden notes that "if I must have a preference, let me murmur in your ear that I prefer Arabs to Jews." Jews were a source of irritation to British officials because of the immigration into Palestine and the breakout of violence that had afflicted Palestine for over a decade.
August 13, 1942, The Swiss government begins to turn back Jews who were safe across the border, deciding that Jews were not political refugees" and only "racial" refugees. This leads to the death of about 10,000 Jews
"On September 25, 1942, Swiss police decree that race alone does not guarantee refugee status, thus preventing Jews from crossing the border to safety."

As far as the Muslim World, Hajj Amin al-Husseini spent most of the war in Berlin. He recruited thousands of European Muslims for service in the Waffen-SS. Husseini obtained a promise from Hitler that the Jews in the Middle East would be exterminated after Germany conquered the Middle East. What was this man thinking? He was not Aryan so he probably would have been exterminated along with his people.

The Jews in Britain and Australia were considered "enemy aliens" and interned on British soil, about 8,000 being deported to Canada and Australia in the 1930's and 1940's. The Jews who arrived in Australia could not travel without police permission and could not own radios. In Hitler's Germany, all Jews could not possess radios.
United States military forces included 550,000 Jews or ten percent of the military. Jews actually made up less than three percent of the population of the United States. I would assume that Jews quickly filled the ranks of the military and prevented many others from enlisting. This great human force was responsible for saving democracy in the United States. About eight thousand Jews died fighting for the United Sates.

As I was thinking about writing this and writing this, important news came from the White House regarding the operations of Homeland Security. Approximately 1.2 million youth will be affected by this order and it will be put into affect shortly. The protection in my opinion should have been extended to all undocumented immigrants. . And remember that anyone who came here under the age of 15 and who has stayed in the United State for five years and is under 30, should earn his GED so that he will not be deported as long as he is not a threat to the United States. Thank you President Obama for your intervention.

Martin Danenberg

Profesor Martin Danenberg July 8, 2012 07:13 AM