Learn About FICO Credit Scores

"Learn About FICO Credit Scores" - A FICO Credit Score is a 3 digit score that can shape or effect financial future, whether you plan to buy a new car or qualify for a reasonable mortgage loan to buy the home of your dreams. Your credit score is a determining factor in whether you obtain financing and at what cost, and there’s never been a better time to clean up your credit history and boost your score.

Credit Card Debt Programs

Credit Card Debt ProgramsNew Proposed Credit Card Debt Relief Programs - Many Americans are in default with their credit card debt. As a result of this, many U.S. banks are attempting avoid another financial crisis via its credit card sector. To-date, U.S. banks are still unstable from the mortgage crisis and are also losing more billions of dolars from unpaid credit card bills.

Late Credit Card Payments

Late Credit Card PaymentsLate Credit Card Payments - U.S. consumers are struggling with "the mortgage crisis" and "the credit card debt" crisis. Many U.S. consumers are falling behind on their mortgage home loan payments, credit card payments and auto loans. Some borrowers are more likely to let their mortgage payment slide than the other kinds of debt, according to a recent study conducted by Equifax, a major consumer-credit rating agency.