Who Should Take The GED Exam

Who Should Take The GED ExamBy Profesor Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”
All young people should get a GED as soon as possible after dropping out of high school.  They must know the correct, precise regulations for taking the test.  The 19 year old rule for candidates is just one of the rules and there are rules for 16-18 year old candidates that may precede the rule for 19 year olds.

Older people should do the GED, too, now.  Older people are working longer into their 60’s and that diploma can come in handy for better support in getting better jobs.

Immigrants should rush to the GED, too, and the failure to earn a GED in the first year of residing in the United States was a big mistake for many people.  English language acquisition and GED should be undertaken in the first year in this country and people should take time off from work to take the GED test and learn English.  Doing this is an investment that lasts a lifetime.

People with completion certificates from a high school (New York City schools) should rush to take the GED.  That completion certificate is worthless for getting into the military, college, or jobs that require a high school diploma or GED.

Any person who is thinking of going back to high school to complete a high school diploma should get a GED.  People procrastinate for years and the GED in their possession can help to get good jobs in the meantime.

Any person who has a job waiting or has to take a test for a job should go quickly to take the GED.  Many job applications may ask if you have a high school diploma or GED and people who check no that they have no diploma may not be called to get that good job.  So get your diploma fast.

Immigrants who have a high school diploma should translate their diploma into English (when the diploma was obtained in a country where a foreign language is used).  They should not do the GED unless a college permits the GED instead of the TOEFL exam.

People with adequate knowledge in the basics in reading, writing, and math should not go to GED class.  They should take the real test and earn a diploma before people sitting in class.  The Official Practice Test can be taken at home or in a program near your home that provides that test immediately.  Getting a good mark on that test is the predictor of whether a person can pass.

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