By Profesor Martin N. Danenberg “El Quijote del GED”  This form (below) has been created to mobilize your community to greater success and to speed up the process of educating people who normally take many years to begin their study of the GED, English, or citizenship.

In the event of a guest worker program in the United States, focusing on these essentials for a minute or two will permit you to promote better family life through education quicker than ever before.  You can help families build a network for the common good in the United States and in their country of origin. All community organizations can network in this effort.

The province of Quebec helps its immigrants with an educational intake, but the United States does not.  Let us work together and bring greater benefits to your community.  The following intake is for all non-for-profit institutions, including those that provide services for domestic violence, health, family, food distribution, housing, and other social services.   This form can be used for churches and biblical institutes that have other types of classes.  Use this form to empower your community.  The late pastor Hermes Caraballo of the Bronx helped about two hundred and fifty people earn a GED.  This accomplishment is special and each church pastor can do the same thing.  It is nice to teach a class to people, but to help those people graduate with the high school equivalency brings the same joy that parents feel when their children graduate from high school and move on to bigger things in life.




Have you completed a bachillerato or bacalaureat?  YES_____NO_____

Do you have your bachillerato or bacaluareat here? YES____ NO_____

Have you sent for your bachillerato?                       YES____ NO____

Have you translated your bachillerato?                    YES____NO____

Many people will tell you they have their bachillerato, but they only started it.  So be careful to find out the correct information.

Do you know what the GED is?                               YES____NO____

Have you taken the GED?                                       YES____NO____

Do you have a GED?                                              YES____NO____

What subjects did you fail?  List subjects_____________________________

Do you have a GED book?                                      YES____NO____

Have you been given study instructions?                  YES____NO____

Do you know where you can study GED?                 YES____NO____

Have you told family members about the GED?        YES____NO____

Have you told family in your country about it?          YES____NO____


Do you have an English study book?                        YES____NO____

Do you know where you can take a class?                YES____NO____


Are you taking citizenship?                                      YES____NO____

Do you know where you can take citizenship?           YES____NO____

Feel free to modify this form.  But take the action necessary to mobilize people toward the GED.  I recommend the Steck-Vaughn Complete GED book in English, the GED Completo by Contemporary, and Inglés Para Latinos by Barron Books.  Get these books into the hands of people in your community fast and you will see great results.

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