Real Estate Advertising Plans

Real Estate Advertising and Marketing Business Plans - Business Advertising and Marketing Business plans are made to change. As your business develops and you start to notice its strenghts as well as its weaknesses, it may be time to make some minor adjustments to your "continually moving business plan". Please note the areas listed below focus on technology changes and the way consumers buy and sell real estate.

About Social Networking Sites

"Social Networking Sites" Facebook and LinkedIn can have a positive impact on your website’s traffic, and ultimately bring you a great deal of new business. The sites use various streams of traffic generating but, there are differences in how they help you accomplish success and the makeup of the membership.

About Real Estate Blogging

Learn About Real Estate Blogging - For many years, many real estate agents have blogging on top of their personal list of recommendations. Every tech savvy real estate agent  professional should be doing in order to market real estate services and establish themselves as local real estate expertise on the internet.

ClicROI Hispanic Online Advertising

CLICROI LLC over performs doing HISPANIC Online Advertising. The company specializes in connecting with Hispanics in the United States and Latin America. This is what makes CLICROI a better company to manage your advertisement campaign to reach Spanish-speaking Hispanics:
  1. You’ll get HIGHER returns with Hispanic online market outreach
  2. You’ll connect with Hispanics in the language they Understand
  3. Your banners and text ads will be displayed in 100+ Web sites of all sizes
  4. Geo-targeting: Multi States, Nationwide, Multi country – Latin America
  5. CLICROI over performs by analyzing the advertising data, quickly eliminating web sites that do not reach our minimum objectives, and testing creatives so we use only the ads that best connect with your target audience

U.S. Social Network Internet Usage Preferences Report

U.S. Social Network Internet UsageU.S. Social Network Internet Usage Preferences Report - A new report by Knowledge Networks gives advertisers, marketers and researchers a clearer picture of the motivations and attitudes of social media users with sometimes surprising results. About 83% of the Internet population (ages 13 to 54) participates in social media 47% on a weekly basis, less than 5% of social media users regularly turn to these sites for guidance on purchase decisions in any of nine product/service categories. In addition, only 16% of social media users say they are more likely to buy from companies that advertise on social sites.

Promote Your Online Store

Prepare to Promote Your Online Store for Holidays - Online shopping last year was up 55% over the previous year for holiday shoppers as many time-crunched Santas and gift givers tried to save themselves time and money online. Many of us running online businesses run into the same scenario that brick-and-mortar stores face this time of the year Black Friday! Yes, online stores generally have specific days of the year that they "run in the black," get out of the red for the web development and maintenance costs all year, and sell enough goods or services to finally make it "into the black" and start showing a profit. This is particularly true if you sell products online and you have costs of goods sold, Web site maintenance, hosting costs and so on.