About Real Estate Blogging

Learn About Real Estate Blogging - For many years, many real estate agents have blogging on top of their personal list of recommendations. Every tech savvy real estate agent  professional should be doing in order to market real estate services and establish themselves as local real estate expertise on the internet.

About Real Estate BloggingThe truth is that running a successful real estate blog is easier than most think. While a number of solutions and services remove the challenges of launching, managing, and syndicating a digital journal, none offers an easy answer for filling blog posts with the insight and banter that make it a lively and timely resource.

How to Start Your Blog - Many experiences are rooted from different blogging platforms. Many blogs are offered for free on real estate community sites as Active Rain and he then self-syndicates his posts to Web sites that he maintains. He chose ActiveRain because of its focus. He can blog to the public, or restrict access to some posts to his real estate peers only.

In addition to solutions targeting real estate professionals, several popular alternatives are available to any blogger. All that’s required is a computer, Internet connection and something to say. Typically, these blogging platforms offer a place to get started, search engine optimization and syndication, spam blocking, and a choice of design templates. Basic blogging services are usually free, but a few are fee-based.

Some items to consider when choosing the right platform for you is the level of design customization, amount of content and users allotted for each blog, support for different types of content, security, activity tracking, and distribution options.

Links to a few of the most popular blog platforms:

  • Blogger: A customizable, free, Google-owned solution. You can assign the blog its own URL for hosting in blogspot.com, or use the service to compose and manage a blog maintained on your own domain.
  • MovableType: The basic free blogger solution provides the platform, site development, and content management for an unlimited number of blogs and posts. Tech support is optional and costs $99 a year. A business bundle, starting at $395, includes support and allows for multiple blog authors.
  • TypePad: TypePad offers a free trial of all its blogging services. Prices start at $4.95 month for a single blog, $8.95 for two. The Pro program, $14.95, supports an unlimited number of blogs and authors.
  • WordPress: The free package gives you a choice of 60 design themes and your own URL. Fee-based extras include additional storage space, an unlimited number of blog users, and ad blocking.