Real Estate Advertising Plans

Real Estate Advertising and Marketing Business Plans - Business Advertising and Marketing Business plans are made to change. As your business develops and you start to notice its strenghts as well as its weaknesses, it may be time to make some minor adjustments to your "continually moving business plan". Please note the areas listed below focus on technology changes and the way consumers buy and sell real estate.

Real Estate Online Marketing and Advertising Tips

Have you embraced the internet yet? If you haven't, then it's time you should or for some techies, it's time to allocate more dollars to your online advertising budget. In the past many real estate agents would budget themselves annualy for newspaper advertising, magazines and local buying guides.

It's now time to move some of your traditional advertising dollars to online advertising. According some surveys, 1% percent of consumers found their agent through newspapers, Yellow Pages or direct mail. As the numbers show, there has been more than a 50% decrease in how consumers actually find their homes through traditional media outlets. More people are starting their home buying search online than from print media.

There have been some consumer mood swings...  Do I use a real estate agent or do I continue to surf the internet from the comfort of my home?

Remember, times have change...   In 2001, 48% of all property buyers found the home they purchased through a real estate agent, compared to 38% in 2008. During the same period, the number of buyers finding their home online rose from 8% to 32%. It's imperative that you put more of your advertising dollars into Web marketing while continuing to market your listings using yard signs, open house, circle prospecting and referral strategies.

What web site features your web site possibly needs. Over 85% of buyers want photos along with detailed information (84%) and virtual tours (68%) were the most useful.