US Digital Music Sales

US Digital Music Sales - U.S. digital music sales, both digital downloads and subscriptions, will grow at a compound annual rate of 17% during the next five years, says a study by Forrester Research Inc. By 2013 digital music will make up 41% of the music market.

Online Community for Online Sales

Building an Online Community Before Selling Online - Software prices are relatively low these days, so its very inexpensive to launch a social network site for your niche. While holding your fulltime job, start by building and developing a blog blended site with social networking features.

For Sale By Owner

For Sale By hailed data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) that shows the Internet continues to grow as a dominant information source for homebuyers. NAR statistics for 2008 found that 32% of buyers first saw the home they purchased on the Internet - up from just 8% in 2001. During the same timeframe, the percentage of buyers who found their home through a real estate agent has dropped, falling from 48% in 2001 to 34% in 2008.

New Nielson Internet Audience Panel

The "New Nielson Internet Audience Panel" - The Nielsen Company announced the launch of a panel and platform for measuring Internet audiences. The new panel increases Nielsen's measurement of Web sites from 3,000 to more than 30,000, provides better representation of Hispanics, teens, and cell phone only households, and improves coverage of multiple personal computers in households.

About Wireless Internet Usage

An April 2009 survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project shows that 56% of adult Americans have accessed the internet by wireless means, such as using a laptop, mobile device, game console, or MP3 player. The most prevalent way people get online using a wireless network is with a laptop computer; 39% of adults have done this.

Web Site Server Measurements

Web Site Server Based Measurement - comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, announced the introduction of Media Metrix 360, a ‘panel-centric hybrid’ solution to digital audience measurement. The new approach combines person-level measurement from comScore’s proprietary 2 million person global panel with Web site server metrics in order to account for 100 percent of a Web site’s audience. The new service will reconcile traffic metrics reported from client server-side and ad server data, with fully consistent, hybrid audience measures that can be used for improved planning of online media campaigns, and for evaluating the delivery of those campaigns at an unprecedented level of audience completeness and granularity.