About Marketing Films Online

About Online Film Marketing is expanding in scope and sophistication. In 2007, studios in the Motion Picture Association of America, and their subsidiaries, spent $754 million advertising films online. By 2012 that figure will increase to $2.4 billion.

Online Gaming comScore Study

Online Gaming popularity grows among youngest & oldest female segments in the U.S. comScore released results of a study into the online gaming category, indicating significant user growth among teenage girls between the ages of 12 and 17 and women between the ages of 55 and 64.

Online Marketing Advertising News

Online Marketing Advertising News - The online marketing and advertising dollars are taking money away from traditional media channels. A significant proportion of marketing dolalrs are being taken away from traditional channels in favour of the online medium, according to a new report.

Growth Sector Online Advertising

Media Websites Prove Significant Value According to a New Report by BIA Financial Network and Borrell Associates. Local TV & Radio Websites Will Be the Next Largest Growth Sector in Online Advertising.

Marketing Real Estate Online

By Michael Parker September 2008 - Gary Nagle from Plasma Realty Fort Mill, SC. Nagle (www.fortmillhome.com) has been an agent for almost 5 years, during which he has devoted his time and money to succeeding online. By his own words, he tried hard to do everything right, yet he did not really start to succeed online until he listened to a simple truth that has made all the difference.

How To Be Found Online

How To Be Found Online - In order for web sites to be found online and to build visitor traffic is a must for all to treat your website like a "blossoming flower" you must, submit it too many search engines and directories.

Real Estate Internet Advertising

Real Estate Internet Advertising - Borrell Associates tracks internet advertising spending by real estate companies and mortgage lenders. Borrell Associates has provides real estate and mortgage internet advertising projections through 2013. Borrell estimates that online advertising spending by real estate related companies and mortgage lenders grew by nearly 20% in 2007, to $9.1 billion, and that it will continue to grow through the 2008 downturn, but at a much slower pace.

Internet Video Data Usage Trends

Increases in Internet Video Data Usage Trends towards usage based internet "ISP Service Plans"- Usage of Video data is the prime mover behind great increases in Internet bandwidth usage. According to Cisco Systems, video currently generates more traffic in the United States than was transmitted across the entire Internet backbone in 2000.

Online Travel and Leisure

The Consumer Online Travel and Leisure Market - The U.S. online leisure and non-managed business travel market will exceed $100 billion dollars in 2008 and is projected to grow to $146 billion dollars by 2010 according to "eMarketer".