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Online Marketing Advertising News - The online marketing and advertising dollars are taking money away from traditional media channels. A significant proportion of marketing dolalrs are being taken away from traditional channels in favour of the online medium, according to a new report.

Online Marketing Advertising NewsCompiled by the European Interactive Advertising Association the research predicted that spending on internet marketing will rise by 16% in the next 12 months, while traditional media expenditure will decrease.

Almost 40% of advertisers surveyed said they believed the internet will be a vital marketing channel, while 77% cent revealed that they have seen positive views of their brand increase as a result of online advertising.

The majority of todays online dollars spent are going towards display ads, while search and affiliate strategies have seen increases of 35% and 25% respectively since 2006.

"This research shows that while other forms of media are suffering from slowing spend, online continues to take a growing proportion of advertising budgets as brands increasingly recognise its impact, value and potential return on investment," commented Alison Fennah, executive director of the EIAA. A recent forecast from Jefferies & Company suggested that spending on search will rise by 26% by the end of 2008.