Online Travel and Leisure

The Consumer Online Travel and Leisure Market - The U.S. online leisure and non-managed business travel market will exceed $100 billion dollars in 2008 and is projected to grow to $146 billion dollars by 2010 according to "eMarketer".

Online Travel and LeisureThe stakes are very high and the online travel companies are known to have pioneering groups leading the way with industry wide innovations and technology advancements.

Because the online travel consumer is a highly desirable target, ecommerce players and an array of media companies continue to aggressively target these consumers with forward thinking, consumer friendly tools, sales promotions and innovative advertising.

It's imperative to learn and capture market share in the consumer online travel market. There will continue to be new entrants into this market. The evolving online travel consumer market will be lead by tier one type suppliers, content companies while advertisers are trying to reach and engage their customers online and build lifetime customer value propositions.