Real Estate SEM Marketing SEO

Real Estate SEM Search Engine Marketing  - The National Association of Realtors (NAR) says that approximatelyt 84% of all residential real estate transactions start online.

The most popular web site consumers look for real estate homes online is Google. is the website owned by Move and licensed by NAR to be their only authorized website. They claim to be the most popular Internet shopping site for homes.

With an impressive 7 million page views monthly, claims to own the largest market share of Internet home buyers. Google has 65% of all search traffic and 85 billion searches a month, of which an estimated 13% are real-estate related.

Google receives about 870 million real estate searches a month. Based on these figures, clearly, the most popular place for Internet buyers to look for homes online is Google. You need to tap in to Google and other major search engines. You really only need to be able to be found by search engines.