Yahoo Real Estate Web Site

Yahoo's New Real Estate Web Site now has photos accompanying listings that are now 4x bigger, and listings are updated automatically and users can refine search parameters.

Yahoo Real Estate Web Site"Real Estate Agents", Real Estate Brokers", multiple listing services (MLS) and listings aggregators can supply indepth home specs when submitting their listings, and search results now include more neighborhood information and recommendations for comparable listings.

Yahoo Real Estate is testing neighborhood profile videos and more emphasis on property photos and online sharing services.

Yahoo's revamp is part of a new open real estate strategy. "Yahoo Real Estate" opened to a wider range of data sources, comprised of over 70 top real estate brokers and 50 MLSs, the site now supports over 3.2 million for sale listings (excluding foreclosures and new construction).

In October 2008, the official site of the National Association of Realtors, and the Web's most popular real estate portal unveiled updates to the site that included listings "time stamped" for freshness and 140 percent larger photos. Other improvements included improved search tools and a home valuation tool that taps data on sold listings from MLSs.