Social Media in Real Estate

When people first begin to consider using social networking and social media sites, one of the early concerns is how much time it's going to take. Another early concern is not knowing which networking or media site to use or how to use it.

Building Brand Equity

Why are fewer marketing executives giving magazines brand-building respect? Only 51% of marketers rated magazines as highly effective for building brand equity, according to research fielded this April for the Association of National Advertisers. That's down sharply from 67% in February 2007. Online and social media, on the other hand, got high marks this spring, their first time on the questionnaire.

Small Business ROI eMarketing

Digital Small Business Internet Budgets - Most small businesses in the United States will not cut spending on most forms of online advertising in 2009, judging by a survey conducted in December 2008 by Adology Research. A higher percentage of respondents said they planned to spend “about the same” in 2009 than planned to change their spending.

Spanish Online Hispanic Strategy

Spanish Online Hispanic Strategy"U.S. Hispanic Online Strategies" - TNS Media Intelligence - During the first 10 months of 2008, Hispanic online display advertising almost reached $212 million, up from about $165 million for the 2007 calendar year. That $212 million represents slightly more than 4 percent of all Hispanic media ad spend during the same January to October 2008 period.

The 2009 recession, budgetary constrictions caused by the economic climate have apparently compelled many brands to look at online marketing strategies because of their cost effectiveness. The most important factor of increased "2009 Spanish Internet" budgets for the "U.S. Spanish internet market" is the pure fact that there are simply more of them online.

Just imagine, 48% of all Hispanics in the U.S. have broadband online connections. Sure, that's nine percentage points less than the population as a whole (57%), according to a January 2008 survey conducted by Horowitz Associates for its "State of Broadband Urban Markets 2008" research report. But the survey's data also show that 68% of Hispanics with a preference for the English language (predominantly younger ones, who are a key demo target to start with) have broadband access.