About Hispanic Market Direct Mail

About Hispanic Market Direct Mail ScottMarden Jan 2009 - In 2008, eMarketer estimated that there were 23 million Hispanics online-about 52% of the Hispanic population in the United States-and that by 2012, nearly 30 million Hispanic Americans will be digitally connected. Faced with these impressive numbers, it may be easy for marketers to be swept away into a world of digital marketing trends.

However, this year more than ever-with consumer pocketbooks empty and confidence at an all-time low-it is important to take note of the everlasting importance of traditional direct mail marketing and its overall effect on the Hispanic market segment.

Bilingual Spanish Promotions

By Laurel Wents-AdAge Feb 2009 About Hispanic Market Promotions Survey - Almost half of direct marketers (48%) use bilingual promotions to target Hispanics, while 20% use only English and 12% use only Spanish, according to a recent survey by the Direct Marketing Association. The remaining 20% use separate English and Spanish versions.