iPhone iPod US Mobile Usage

New AdMob research on the demographics and behavioral characteristics of iPhone and iPod touch users in the United States. This research determined that while there are many similarities between users of the two devices, key differences in the demographic makeup of each group exist in areas such as age and household income. The research was conducted by comScore on AdMob’s iPhone network of mobile Web sites and applications, making it representative of AdMob but not necessarily of the mobile population overall.

Learn About Mobile Marketing

"Learn About Mobile Marketing" The myths that surround mobile are holding back many brand marketers and publishers from leveraging it for a competitive advantage, despite the fact that mobile is gaining more buzz every day. The industry needs a clearer picture of what's possible and how to put dynamic mobile marketing solutions to work today. Here are some of the myths we hear time and time again, as well as insight to help set the record straight.

Mobile Coupons Via Cellphones

Receive Mobile Coupons Via Cellphones - The concept of receiving coupons on your cell phone has been more theory than practice. This is despite a resurgence in coupon use and an increasing dependence on cell phones.