Word of Mouth Marketing Habits via Social Networking Media

Americans have dramatically integrated social networking tools into their lives. Euro RSCG Worldwide, one of the world's leading advertising and marketing agency networks, conducted a study on how people use the ever-changing options in social and online media available today. According to the study, their world is expanding and narrowing at the same time because of social media's hyperlocalization quotient. And "cyberdisinhibition" being more willing to behave online in ways they wouldn't in person has both emboldened users and led them to inappropriate behavior.

Retailer Social Media Marketing

Retailers Social Media Holiday Marketing - More than half of retailers are including social media in their marketing strategies, according to a new BDO Seidman Survey. Of those who reported plans to use social media, 76% are focusing on Facebook, 50% on Twitter, 14% on MySpace and 14% on YouTube. Retailers are throwing money behind social media, but is the strategy paying off? Please observe five retail-social-media strategies.

Social Media Search Resutls

"Google Social Media Search Results" Facebook and MySpace search results. "Google Mobile Search Results", including an augmented-reality application for it Android mobile-operating-system platform that can identify objects such as a book, product or piece of artwork and deliver relevant information about them.

Social Media Marketing 2011

About Social Media Marketing in 2010 and 2011 - Alterian released the results of their seventh annual survey. The sample covered 1068 marketing professionals worldwide and found that 66 percent of respondents will be investing in Social Media Marketing (SMM) in the next 12 months. Of those investing in SMM 40 percent said they would be shifting more than a fifth of their traditional direct marketing budget towards funding their SMM activities. This supports other statistics from the survey which found that the majority of respondents (67 percent) feel social media is either ‘increasingly important’ or ‘critical to success’.

Social Media Strategies for Small Business

Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses - The internet allows small businesses to have a big online presence, social media gives small businesses a chance to stand out. Many small business executives are moving quickly to take advantage of the opportunity.

Facebook for Real Estate

If there is one social network that real estate professionals cannot afford to ignore, it's Facebook. The site announced it had reached 500 million users last month. Facebook has introduced fairly recent changes in which a former "fan" page has now become a Facebook business page that users can "like" instead of "fan." If users "like" a page, they'll see that page's status updates show up on their news feed.