Home Equity is Liquid Cash

Home Equity is better as Liquid Cash - Stop Making Extra Mortgage Payments and Take Out a Mortgage Even If You Don’t Need One. Cash is king in a liquidity crunch. The worst thing you can do in this environment is dump more of your cash into your home equity because you may not be able to get access to it if you run into financial difficulties, if the housing market continues to decline, or if the credit crunch gets worse.

Bank Accounts FDIC Insurance

Learn About Bank Accounts FDIC Insurance - Make Sure All Your Bank Accounts Are Covered with FDIC Insurance. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is an independent federal agency that was created in 1933 to insure bank depositors and protect them against the failure of their bank. The current limit on FDIC insurance is $100,000 for bank accounts and $250,000 for retirement accounts.

How To Calculate Your Tip

How To Calculate Your TipNeed to figure out how calculate your tip easily? Here is how to figure out your tip without using a calculator. Let's say your bill comes to $40. Step 1: Move the decimal point over one place, so $40.00 becomes $4.00. That's 10% of the bill.