How To Calculate Your Tip

How To Calculate Your TipNeed to figure out how calculate your tip easily? Here is how to figure out your tip without using a calculator. Let's say your bill comes to $40. Step 1: Move the decimal point over one place, so $40.00 becomes $4.00. That's 10% of the bill.

Step 2: To leave a 20% tip, multiply that number by two. $4 times 2 is $8, or 20% of your $40 bill. To leave a 15% tip, take the number you got for 10% and divide it by 2. In our example, $4 divided by 2 is $2. That's 5%.

Now take the number you got for 5% ($2) and add it to the number you got for 10% ($4). That's $6., or 15%. If you want to leave a 20% tip, take the check total and divide by 5.