Buying a Home in Mexico

Cashing In on a Second Home in Mexico. How to Buy, Rent and Profit from Property South of the Border.

Buying a Home in MexicoMexico has it all... From lush and tropical mountainous municipalities perched on brilliant bays, to miles of white sand beaches merging into iridescent azure water, to quaint European-style houses lining cobblestone streets in picturesque villages and towns, our Spanish-speaking neighbor to the south is abundantly rich in geographic and natural diversification.

Cashing In on a Second Home in Mexico (Paperback, $19.95, ISBN 0-9770920-0-3, Sept 2005) is a straightforward, informative guide that helps potential second home buyers, investors and renters easily understand the nuances of Mexican property, mortgage history and closing process, plus:

  • How to safely hold property within Mexico's "restricted zone"
  • Explore dynamic new locations South of the Border
  • Collect strategies on researching a Mexican property for purchase
  • The fidecomiso, Mexican trust and new ownership opportunities
  • Explore creative avenues of financing your dream retreat
  • Find innovative ways of attracting desirable, qualified renters
  • Understand tax benefits, ramifications of a Second Home in Mexico

Buying a Home in MexicoWritten by Tom Kelly, a nationally syndicated real estate columnist and talk show host, and Mitch Creekmore, senior vice president of Stewart International and one of the world's foremost authorities on Mexican transactions, Cashing In on a Second Home in Mexico leads all consumers who are now working for a safe and profitable getaway property through the maze of options and possibilities of obtaining Mexican property.

This useful book especially targets the U.S. Baby Boom generation which is the largest, healthiest and wealthiest to enter its senior years in history - plus those in the real estate industry who assist them.
Cashing In on a Second Home in Mexico also contains real stories of how real people attained their dream of owning Mexican property. It includes helpful maps of some of the most popular areas, preparation checklists, capsule outlines of specific regions plus helpful websites and English-Spanish language tips and terms.