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Mexico Travel and Vacation DestinationsDuring Travel Mexicos Vacations - During vacation periods, weekends, or at any time of the year, Mexico offers a wide array of destinations with sun, sand and sea. These places will satisfy the tastes and needs of diverse travelers looking for luxury, exclusivity, fun, or a close encounter with nature.

Mexico is surrounded by four seas and has about 450 beaches where you can enjoy diverse marine landscapes while surfing on big waves, sailing on calm waters or relaxing under the shade of a palapa.

The climate, vegetation and scenery at these coastal destinations vary in each region, allowing visitors to have unique experiences and distinct itineraries, whether you’re on vacation, a honeymoon, or visiting on business.

Along the extensive coasts you’ll find modern tourist resorts providing comfort, quality services, top-notch hotels, spas and haciendas, with the warmth and hospitality characteristic of Mexico.

Mexico Travel and Vacation DestinationsAbout "Mexico Travel and Vacation Destinations"

Los Cabos, a tourist resort where the desert meets the Sea of Cortez, has modern facilities, plenty of excitement and an atmosphere that preserves the magic of traditional Mexico. Los Cabos beaches stretches 50 miles of the peninsula. The beaches of Los Cabos are one of the main attractions of this destination. Quiet and with their own unique characteristics, they are excellent places to do water sports.

Acapulco has one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Acapulco has more than 12 miles of beaches. On them, from Barra Vieja to Pie de la Cuesta, you can do all sorts of activities: aquatic sports, diving or simply basking in the sun on what many people consider Mexico’s most popular beaches.

Huatulco has one of the most important ecosystems in the nation. That is largely due to the fact that it has more than 36 beaches on nine bays. The beaches in this region, which are surrounded by lush lowland jungle vegetation, are known for their blue-green waters, mild waves and white sand. You can arrive at the beaches by car or on boats departing from Santa Cruz Huatulco. At all of these destinations you can do a wide variety of aquatic sports and enjoy the impressive flora and fauna.

Cancun, an island with charming beaches, is lined with some of the world’s finest multinational hotel chains. From Cancun to the extreme south in the state of Quintana Roo, this region has some of the most important ecological reserves in the country.

At the Mayan Riviera you’ll find sinkholes, lagoons, archaeological zones and world-class tourist resorts. These accessible destinations, with their non-stop nightlife, wonderful cuisine and excellent shopping, are authentic paradises offering a multitude of simple and sublime pleasures.

isn’t just about the sea and sun. In the surrounding areas, which are covered with lush vegetation, you can go camping, do ecotourism outings and observe wildlife at such places as the Club de Golf Palma Real, where you can spy crocodiles and eagles. What’s more, you can participate in wildlife conservation programs to help protect endangered species such as the hawksbill turtle and the Olive Ridley sea turtle. Just about anywhere you go, you’ll find Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo simply fascinating.

The beaches of the Sea of Cortez welcome visitors with intense ocean-blue scenery and the stark contrast of arid desert landscapes. So abundant is the region’s natural beauty that the infamous explorer Jacques Cousteau referred to it as the "world’s aquarium." Recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of Baja California) lies east of the largest peninsula in the world. Along the vast coastline, tourists will find beautiful beaches with mountain and desert backdrops. Visitors can watch unforgettable sunsets, explore isolated territory and spy a wide variety of marine life. This body of water also hosts the breeding grounds of the Gray Whale, making it a must see for nature lovers. In the southern region of the Baja California Peninsula, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, you will find all the necessary infrastructure in terms of water sports and top-notch accommodation.